1.1 A Legacy Reboot (ish…but not really)

So if any of you know me (pff highly doubt it) I was working on an ISBI challenge with my Absol family. My founder had 300 kids and next thing I know ALL of my saves where deleted from the Saves folder. ALL OF THEM!! Even my fun saves. So yes unless I wanted to start all over again (which I don’t), I decided to wait for my Summer holidays to finish and start working on a new family. It’s not an ISBI, it’s just a regular legacy. I’ll probably do another one in the future, who knows.

Also, it wasn’t my intention to start a legacy with this family but I started taking a lot of random pictures so… Why not right? Anyway, enough yapping, go on ahead and meet the Fishers. There aren’t a lot of pictures, I will make a proper update next time.


These are Miles and Gerry Fisher. I started taking pictures from the point where they got married. Also, Gerry is pregnant.

I would tell you their traits, but for the life of me I really can’t remember. I’ll get you on that next time. Screenshot-3

Beware, there are a ton of picspam of Miles. He is just the cutest male sim I have made; and quite expressive too.

Miles: I’ve got the prettiest wife in the whole of Twinbrook.

Have you seen the town? You be proud of that wife of yours!


Cherish the last few honeymoon days with Gerry, in a few days time you’ll have the company of a new baby 😀

Miles: Haha, that guy totally burned his meal.


Miles: Wait…What? I’m going to be a father? 0_0


Gerry: Seriously? Do you ever listen to anything anyone ever says? You can even see my pregnant belly!

Miles: I don’t listen as well without my glasses okay! D:

That made no sense. Anyway, moving on.


So what do you thing the gender of the baby will be?

Gerry: I don’t mind either way.

Miles: Teeeveeee….


Miles: Hello wittle butterfly, I’m going to be a daddy soon. You’re lucky you don’t have to worry about that.

Admiral Ackbar: You dun know my life, bruh. Your lady be trapping you.

Yes apparently the butterfly talks ghetto, who knew?


Miles: You’re a cutsie butterflie, flapping your little wings.

Admiral Ackbar: I’ll use wing attack on ya, bruh. You think ya scare me?


Miles: OMG, honey!! Guess what 😀 ??

Gerry: I swear to god, Miles, this better be good. I’m about to go to labour.

Miles: The TV is broken! Yay! 😀

I'm Not Amused (Cat)


Gerry: Miiiileees!!!!! THE BABY IS COMING!

Miles: Mehehehe, totally a good time to tweet it. What’s the baby’s name? No wait, don’t spoil it, I want to leave all of my 20 followers hanging.

You’re such an idiot.


Miles: OMG, whatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoido? Wait, Miles think, what do the fathers in “16 and pregnant” do?

MTV shows are not great advisors for anything in life ever. Unless you’re filthy rich. Which you’re not. Now shut up and help your wife!


It’s a baby boy! He’s named Spencer and is Easily Amused and Light Sleeper. I hope he doesn’t have to share a room with a baby, I highly doubt he’ll be amused with that!


Gerry: You’re mum’s sweet little nooboo. Don’t you ever forget that. *snuggles*

Aww, Gerry is such a sweet mum.


Miles: Alright, lil buddy, if I start teaching you how to fly early, you can be cool like Superman and make daddy rich. So you’ll be rich. Then you can be Batman with all the gadgets. You’ll be, like, The SuperBat…Yeah…SuperBat.

Spencer: D: D: Mummy!!!

Miles is also a doting father, he woke up at 5 am to take care of his little boy 🙂


Gerry: OMG, cake time already! 0_0

Miles: Gerry, sweety, are you ok?

Spencer: *is crushed by them bewbs*

(Also you totally didn’t notice the walls down so… Shhh!!)

Yeah I have no patience for babies, they’re boring, so as soon as it says one day left it really means: Go to hell biogical clock, I’m the SimGoddess around here!

Respect my autoritah!

Ahum, yes.


Its so fluffy!!

He is so cute! He has Miles’s hair colour and Gerry’s eye colour. Also, daddy’s HUGE eyes!



Okay I’m going to end the chapter here. I’ll probably pick it up by next week. I hope you guys have enjoyed it (I have! I really missed writting)

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